Grand Seiko Spring Drive Limited Edition Brown Dial SBGA095

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Limited Edition SBGA095As a new Limited Edition for the 2013 Grand Seiko line up, the SBGA095 is a part of continuing series adapting part of Japan’s elements of nature to theme the timepieces.  Today we review the SBGA095 which is limited to only 300 pieces for the world.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Limited Edition SBGA095We 1st found out that the SBGA011 “Snowflake” was a tribute to the snowfall during the Suwa regions winters.  We then saw the Spring Drive GMT SBGE021, with beautiful green dial, symbolizing the luscious plant life found in the area.  Last year, the blue dialed SBGA071 was released with the inspiration of the sea.  This years model features a rich earthy brown dial to symbolize the land of Japan.  With a tremendous amount of detail in a subtle brown dial, you can catch glimpses of the near spider web type guilloche embossed into the dial.  The amount of light exposed to the dial determines the amount of brown and texture seen, almost looking black in low light settings.  Sunlight will bring out the true beauty of the dial, but as with all Grand Seiko’s, subtlety is key.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Limited Edition SBGA095The stainless steel case on the SBGA095 is the new smaller 39mm wide, by 12.3mm thick design found on both SBGA083 and SBGA085.  The bracelet is also an oyster type, with only a brushed finish, giving a slightly sportier appearance than the 5 piece with polished attributes.  The case, hands and indexes use the incredible zaratsu katana blade polishing technique, giving it the beautiful mirror like finish.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Limited Edition SBGA095

The movement utilized is the 9R65 Spring Drive movement, manufactured in-house, and assembled at Shinshu Watch Studio in Suwa Japan.  As many of you know, Spring Drive is an amazing technology, that took 28 years of development to achieve perfection.  The solely mainspring powered, self-winding winding movement has a 72 hour power reserve (which is displayed on the dial) due to Seiko’s in-house developed alloy, the Spron 510 mainspring.   Replacing the traditional escapement system is Seiko’s Tri-Synchro Regulator, which uses a quartz crystal, integrated circuit and electro-magnetic brake to control the uni-direction glide wheel, which replaces the traditional hairspring and balance wheel.  The smooth gliding motion of the Spring Drive second hand is due to this glide wheels rotation in one direction and The frequency from the quartz crystal allows for incredible accuracy.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Limited Edition SBGA095The new series of 39mm Grand Seiko Spring Drives all have closed case backs with the Grand Seiko Lion logo on the caseback.  The SBGA095 is no exception, but will be engraved with “LIMITED EDITION” and the individual serial number “XXX/300”.  With such a small supply of this model, not to mention at an incredible price point, these will surely be gone quick.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Limited Edition SBGA095The MSRP on the Grand Seiko Limited Edition SBGA095 with Earthy Brown dial is only $4,000, which is one of the lowest prices found for any Spring Drive.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-486-3996 or submit an inquiry through

Grand Seiko Roadshow 2013 at AZ Fine TimeDon’t forget!!  This Friday, Dec. 13th is the 4th annual Grand Seiko Roadshow at Arizona Fine Time!  Master watchmaker from Shinshu Watch Studio, Junya Kamijo, will be here assembling a 9R Grand Seiko Spring Drive movement.  He will be autographing watch boxes for customers who make purchases for the event, and we will also have a special promotion with the Astron GPS, where President of Seiko USA, Yosh Kawada, will autograph boxes for purchases of Astron during the event.  If you cannot attend the event, you can call in orders to get the autograph and watch it live on‘s homepage from 3-7pm MST.  The live feed will also be able to play back the recorded version, and will be on our site all weekend.  Don’t miss out!

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See our video review of the SBGA095 below…

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