Basel World Fair With AZ Fine Time 2014

Basel World Fair 2014 AZ Fine Time

It’s that time of year and watch collectors favorite holiday is just around the corner, the Basel World Fair 2014!  Starting on March 27th, watch brands from all over the world will gather in Basel, Switzerland to exhibit their new and exciting timepieces.  AZ Fine Time is gearing up and ready to start our journey to Switzerland two weeks from today, and we’re very excited to bring you hands on views of the new timepieces live from Basel.   We have appointments scheduled with all of the brands we currently carry as well as several others.

While we are in Basel, we will be publishing live pictures, video and all the info on the new products from all of our manufactures.  To get everything from Basel, follow us on the following sites







We’ll also be posting on as time allows.

For the next couple of weeks, we will be posting about new releases launched by our brands pre-Basel.  There are some very cool items on the horizon and we look forward to sharing them.  Many of the new timepieces will actually be launched at Basel, so be sure to follow us on one or all of the above mentioned sites to get the hands on experience of Basel World.  We are striving to make our readers feel as if they were there and have made some major upgrades to our equipment to do so.  Here are some of the brands you will see in our blog during the fair…










and many, many more.  We’ll also be posting on a wide variety of potential new lines and will be looking for your feedback on the brands.  Stay tuned for more!

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Citizen Attesa Direct Flight ATD53-3091

Citizen Attesa Direct Flight ATD53-3091

Continuing our introduction to the newest addition to the AZFT lineup, Citizen Attesa, we bring you one of their less complicated models, ATD53-3091.  The needle indication Direct Flight model is a simple three hand, with great features displayed in simplistic form.

Citizen Attesa Direct Flight ATD53-3091

This Attesa’s range of features include being radio controlled, solar powered (due to Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology) and perpetual calendar.  The RC feature is very easy as the watch will automatically attempt to connect to the radio signals around 2am automatically (as long as you have it near a window).  You can check to see if your connection was successful by pushing the lower right button.  If you hold down the lower right button for 2 seconds or more, the watch will then attempt to receive signal manually.

Citizen Attesa Direct Flight ATD53-3091

The Direct Flight feature makes for easy time zone adjustments by pulling out the crown one click.  From there, the watches second hand becomes a city code indicator.  Turning the crown will change the city codes, and the hands/date will adjust automatically to the appropriate time.  The 26 city codes are large and easy to read on the bezel, which is very convenient.  The daylight savings can also be adjusted by pulling the crown out to the second click and turning the crown to turn daylight savings on or off.

Citizen Attesa Direct Flight ATD53-3091

This model has a sporty but elegant design at 42mm wide, only 9.7mm thick, and weighing in at only 84g, is extremely comfortable.  The weight is due to the use of Citizen’s proprietary Super Titanium, which is about 40% the weight of steel, stronger and has low nickel content, making for less or no allergy problems. The  fit and finish is very intricately done and has a wide variety of styles.  The center links are a brushed horizontal finish, while the outer links are vertical.  This gives the appearance of 2 tones on the same metal.  There is also a sunburst brushed finish on the front part of the case, while the tips of the lugs are vertically brushed.  On top of that, they have small amounts of a high polished finish that give the watch a beautiful and distinct shine.  To protect this beautiful finish, Citizen’s proprietary Duratect coating is applied, making the watch about 4 times harder than it would be without it.  To add to its durability, it also has a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

Citizen Attesa Direct Flight ATD53-3091

Some other incredible attributes of this piece are its power reserve, lasting up to 2 years in the dark in sleep mode before needing to be recharged.  This, along with all other Attesa’s, has a shock detection and needle correction feature, making sure that the second hand always line up perfectly with the indexes.  To add to its ease of wear, the watch has a micro-adjustable clasp that can be done without tools and even while on the wrist.  This allows for 3 different adjustments easily, should you have a change in wrist size due to temperature or any other reason.

Citizen Attesa Direct Flight ATD53-3091

Since Attesa is only available in small quantities and styles, these models will not be listed on the site.  We are the 1st and only official dealers of this line in the US, and are very happy to finally have them here in our store.  If you are interested in this model or the 4 other models available in the line up, please call us at 1-800-486-3996 or inquire by email through our site.

Citizen Attesa Direct Flight ATD53-3091

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