It’s hard to believe that only 4 years ago, Seiko launched it’s technological marvel, the Seiko Astron GPS Solar line of timepieces. Since it’s debut, Seiko has taken an evolutionary approach to the Astron lineup. Each year since its launch, Seiko has taken another step towards perfecting the Astron GPS Solar technology.

Following the initial 7X52 caliber, Seiko introduced the 8X chronograph caliber and dramatically altered the Astron landscape. Not only did this caliber add more features, it was also dramatically reduced in size while retaining its functionality. The size of the caliber and watches shrunk by 30% creating a much more wearable timepiece.



Astron GPS and Grand Seiko Roadshow Update

To all who plan on attending our event with Seiko this coming Friday October 26th…  We will not be able to do the Grand Seiko Roadshow as originally expected.  Unfortunately, there was an issue with availability  of the watchmaker  Oct. 26th, however, we will still be hosting the Seiko Astron GPS Party as originally scheduled from 2-8pm.  The Grand Seiko Roadshow will still take place, but has been re-scheduled for Friday December 7th 2012 from 2-8pm.  We truly apologize for any inconvenience.

Seiko Astron GPS Release Party

Seiko Astron GPS Release Party

For the Seiko Astron GPS Release Party, we will have Seiko staff in attendance with a tremendous presentation for the watches release.  All variations of Astron will be displayed to have the opportunity to handle one, try on and check out.  We will have Capital Grille of Scottsdale catering the event and will have plenty of food and drinks for everyone.  As some of you may know, is also and will be hosting a launch event with Ashton Cigar Co. for their new La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Reserva’s and will have complimentary samples for anyone who cares to indulge.  This is going to be an amazing event, and anyone who would like to attend is welcome.  No invite or RSVP needed.  Here are the details…

AZ Fine Time

7830 E Gelding Dr

Suite 100

Scottsdale AZ 85260


Grand Seiko Roadshow 2012

Grand Seiko Roadshow 2012

Be sure to stay tuned for more information regarding the Grand Seiko Roadshow.

Thank you!

Grand Seiko Roadshow & Astron Release Party coming to AZ Fine Time

A truly special occasion is on the horizon.  The Grand Seiko Roadshow, a truly unique opportunity to see one of very few master craftsmen assemble a Grand Seiko movement, is coming back to AZ Fine Time!  This time, however, is not just a Grand Seiko Roadshow like we have seen in the past.  Seiko’s latest and greatest technology, the Astron GPS Solar, will be officially launched and released during the Grand Seiko Roadshow Friday, October 26th from 2-8pm!

Grand Seiko Road Show Astron Release Party 2012

Grand Seiko Road Show Astron Release Party 2012

This will be the 3rd year in a row we will be hosting this very special event.  For those who don’t know, here is a breakdown of what will be happening…

– A Grand Seiko Master Watchmaker will be assembling a mechanical Grand Seiko movement here in our store.  We will also have live video feed if you cannot attend in person.

– We will be featuring all new releases from Seiko including the 1st view of the highly anticipated Astron GPS.

– Staff from both Seiko USA and Seiko Japan will be in attendance to answer any questions.

– Everyone who attends will have the option to receive complimentary food, drinks and cigars.

-Attendance is completely free.  We encourage any and everyone to come down if possible.

– The Master Watchmaker (or anyone you choose from Seiko) will autograph the box of any watch purchased during the event.

– We have many customers who have flown in specifically to attend the event.  We can help with discounted rates at local hotels if necessary.

– If you cannot attend the event but would like to purchase an autographed Grand Seiko, Ananta or Astron GPS product, arrangements can be made to ship after the event.  It is recommended to call as soon as possible so we can make sure to have the product in stock.
You can see pictures and info on last years GS Roadshow HERE and HERE.

We had an incredible turn out last year and hope to have even more this year!  If there is anything I can be assistance with, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help.


Call: 1-800-486-3996
Looking forward to seeing you there!