Basel World Fair With AZ Fine Time 2014

Basel World Fair 2014 AZ Fine Time

It’s that time of year and watch collectors favorite holiday is just around the corner, the Basel World Fair 2014!  Starting on March 27th, watch brands from all over the world will gather in Basel, Switzerland to exhibit their new and exciting timepieces.  AZ Fine Time is gearing up and ready to start our journey to Switzerland two weeks from today, and we’re very excited to bring you hands on views of the new timepieces live from Basel.   We have appointments scheduled with all of the brands we currently carry as well as several others.

While we are in Basel, we will be publishing live pictures, video and all the info on the new products from all of our manufactures.  To get everything from Basel, follow us on the following sites







We’ll also be posting on as time allows.

For the next couple of weeks, we will be posting about new releases launched by our brands pre-Basel.  There are some very cool items on the horizon and we look forward to sharing them.  Many of the new timepieces will actually be launched at Basel, so be sure to follow us on one or all of the above mentioned sites to get the hands on experience of Basel World.  We are striving to make our readers feel as if they were there and have made some major upgrades to our equipment to do so.  Here are some of the brands you will see in our blog during the fair…










and many, many more.  We’ll also be posting on a wide variety of potential new lines and will be looking for your feedback on the brands.  Stay tuned for more!

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Basel Fair 2013 – Follow AZ Fine Time To Get Up To Date Coverage

The time we’ve all been waiting for is here!  The Basel World Fair starts next Thursday, April 25th, and AZ Fine Time is heading out to see all the great new products from our manufactures.  We’ve had some sneak peaks of what will be available later this year, and will have plenty more while we’re in Basel.  Be sure to follow our blog to get the most up to date news on our favorite brands, and see their new pieces hands on!  Just go to the AZFT Blog, enter your email in the section as seen in the picture below and you will get all the info as we update live from Basel.


As a teaser, here is what we’ve seen so far…


We’ve seen a new limited edition of 2,000 pieces, Grand Seiko 9F Quartz with the higher accuracy rating…

Grand Seiko SBGX103

We’ve also seen the new variant of Astron GPS SAST015 with ceramic links and engraved bezel….


We’ve also heard rumors on the web about a Prospex Spring Drive Tuna Can SBDB008…

Seiko Spring Drive Tuna Can SBDB008

There’s also an image floating around the web of an 18kt Grand Seiko Spring Drive.  Supposedly, there will be a white SBGA089, yellow SBGA090 and rose gold SBGA092 version with Snowflake dial.  Very limited, and +/- 10 sec a month deviation.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive 18kt

Now the question is…  Will these pieces come to the US market?   Also, what else does Seiko have in store for their 100th Anniversary of watchmaking?  Follow us next Thursday to find out.


So far, all we have seen from Citizen is a new Signature Collection Grand Touring Automatic.

Citizen Signature Grand Touring Automatic

Now we wonder, will Citizen bring any more of the Satellite Wave technology  or the Proximity Bluetooth Watch in Android platform to their line up?  Also, since they just finally released the Eco-Drive EYES Concept Watch, will there be a new concept model to look forward to?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  We will be posting the new goods next Friday.


The latest from Mido is a new Multifort Diver with inner rotating bezel, which looks great…

Mido Multifort Two Crowns Diver

There is also a new Commander Chronograph that is their 1st chrono in the series.  Another amazing looking piece, and sure to be reasonably priced.

Mido Commander Chronograph

Since Swatch Group has recently introduced specially made ETA calibers (with special complications) for a couple of their other lower price point brands, will there be anything unique made for Mido?  Find out next Thursday.


Glycine has a new 43mm Combat Chronograph they have already introduced…

Glycine Combat Chrono

As well as the new Airman 17 “SPHAIR”…

Glycine Airman 17 "SPHAIR"

The big news from Glycine is their introduction of the Airman “No. 1” with a Felsa 692 movement.  It looks like there will be 3 variations all in 18kt (white, pink and yellow), and will only be available as a set of 3.  All will read in 24 increments with a secondary timezone.   Look for more from Glycine next Saturday.

Glycine Airman "No. 1" Felsa 692


Luminox has introduced Recon Pointman Navigation Specialist.  This complicated piece features a GMT, walking speed tachymeter, strap with 3 map scales, and a compass in the strap.

Luminox Recon Point Man Navigation Specialist

There’s also a new Tony Kanaan Limited Edition Valjoux 7750 Chronograph of only 300 pieces for the world.

Luminox Tony Kanaan Valjoux 7750 Limited Edition

Maurice De Mauriac

Daniel from MdM has been updating his site with a slew of new models.  The biggest achievement is the production of his 1st tourbillon movement…

Maurice De Mauriac Tourbillon

Also, he added his 1st world timer…

Maurice De Mauriac World Time

A new set of skeletonized pieces has also come forth.  There will be round and tonneau shaped pieces in this collection…

Maurice De Mauriac Skeleton

And finally, the new variations of Le Mans Chrono’s…

Maurice De Mauriac Le Mans Chronograph Modern

We’ll be looking forward to reporting our findings in Basel.  There will be tons of great stuff from our current manufactures, and maybe even some new ones added to the line up.  Dont forget to follow the AZFT BLOG!

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