Casio MR-G Mid-Size

Casio sets the standard with the new Mid-Size MRG.  


Designed and manufactured only in Casio’s high end Yamagata Factory under the theme “Simplicity & Intelligence this new MRG’s  Basic black coloring is done in the image of the shaded gradations of black ink wash paintings.  The Dial Casio states is Simplistic and Minimal, but there is noting simple about the pure elegance for such a tough watch. 

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 (Casio Yamagata Factory)

Featuring a smaller and slimmer case design, this Bluetooth connected MRGB1000B-1A boasts a resilient yet lightweight titanium case and band with a diamond-like carbon coating, as well as a non-reflective sapphire crystal. The Mid-Size is also fitted with G-SHOCK MR-G Connected App for smartphone users to easily set world time and monitor the watch’s key functions, such as self-adjustment, solar charging, and access a 5-year digital warranty.  No other brand of Smartwatch offers this type of service.  

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Only a small handful of authorized retailers will see this limited piece, and AZ Fine Time is extremely proud to offer this model at the Mid-sized price tag of $2600.00.  Call 1-800-486-3996 to order or click here to find out more about MRG, and Casio At AZ Fine Time. 



Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch AT7030-05E & AT7035-01E

With all the advancements in technology, especially in the watch world, many often wonder… What will they do next?  I would have to say that one of the most biggest technology advancements in the watch world had to have come from Citizen this year.  The new Citizen Proximity Bluetooth is the 1st solar powered fully analog wristwatch to incorporate Bluetooth technology.

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch

So far, the Proximity is only compatible with iPhone 4S or higher (rumored there will be other platforms in the future).  Citizen is utilizing the latest low energy  Bluetooth 4.0 as to not drain the watches power too fast .  There will be a free app to download after purchasing the watch that will sync the watch to your phone.  From the app, you will be able to control the settings on the watch.

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch AT7035-01E

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch AT7035-01E

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch AT7030-05E

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch AT7030-05E

Now comes the tricky part…  Trying to remember everything the watch does!  Here’s a list best to my recollection and also keep in mind there may be more features that haven’t been advertised or brought to my attention yet.

-Bluetooth powered by Eco Drive with up to 16 month power reserve (with Bluetooth off) at full charge

-Call, text and email notifications by slight vibration and the second hand pointing to the appropriate indicator (which can be turned on or off via the app).  *Example: Let’s say you’re in a meeting and can’t have your phone ringing or beeping, but want to be aware of calls, texts or emails.  This would be very convenient and discreet.

-Time and date correction *Example:  You just flew from LA to NY.  If your phone is set to automatically change with your location, the watch will adjust as well once it syncs.  As long as it syncs, it will be atomic timekeeping and always display the correct date.

-Calendar notifications *Example: If you have an event set on your phones calendar, your watch will slightly vibrate and the second hand will point to the appropriate indicator.

-10 meter sync range *Example: Your watch will notify you if you are outside of the 10 meter range, helping prevent the loss of your phone.  It will also lock the phone automatically once you are out of range, just in case you forget it.

-Phone finder *Example: If your phone is lost in the couch, push a button on your watch and your phone will start ringing.  Even if it is on silent


-1 sec chronograph that will measure up to 60 min

-Perpetual Calendar

-24 hr AM/PM indicator

-100m water resistance

-Polyurethane coated strap

-46mm Stainless Steel Case (Black IP plating on AT7030-05E)

As you can see, there is a ton of function coming in the Citizen Proximity Bluetooth watch.  One of the best parts about it is that the retail is only going to be $495!  That’s less than the iPhone!

Check it out in the latest issue of Chronos Magazine (where the pictures below are from)…

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch

If you are interested in this new and cool watch, we are taking pre-orders with an expected delivery in November.  Please call us at 1-800-486-3996 with any questions.

Thanks as always for reading!