It’s that time of year and we invite you to join us as we host Arizona Fine Time’s 5th annual Grand Seiko Roadshow!  Starting back in 2008, when Grand Seiko was still exclusive to the Japanese market, we hosted our first Roadshow with Seiko featuring Ms. Chitose Masuda from Shinshu watch studio in Japan, who was brought to our store to assemble Seiko’s innovative Spring Drive movement in front of our eyes for the very first time.  With all the amazement and incredible response we had, a new trend developed after Grand Seiko was released, bringing a Grand Seiko Roadshow to our store every year since it launched in 2010.  We first met Mr. Junya Kamijo who not only assembled a 9R65 caliber, but was one of the first to introduce us to the SBGA011 Snowflake.  Then, in 2011 Mr. Hideo Fukai, who assembled the 416 part 9R86 Spring Drive Chronograph GMT.  The following year, we met our first Hi-Beat watchmaker from Shizuku-Ishi watch studio, Mr. Tsutomu Ito who assembled the 9S85.  Last year we were revisited by Mr. Kamijo, who assembled the 9R86, while wearing his SBGC003.

This year we invite you to meet a very special guest, Mr. Ikukiyo Komatsu, a master Spring Drive watchmaker from Shinshu studio in Shiojiri Japan.  Mr. Komatsu is a winner of the World’s Skills Competition for his work with Spring Drive.  I would like to share an interesting article from Komatsu from this years Basel Brand Book, discussing Spring Drive and Mr. Komatsu’s thoughts…

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