G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1B

G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1B

The evolution of G-Shock is here!  We would like to introduce you to once of the most impressive G’s to ever hit the market.  Not just in design, but this is one of the most complex, highly functional, and smartest G-Shock’s to be introduced.  Say hello to the new Casio G-Shock Sky Cockpit Aviation GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor, the Gravity Master, GPW1000!  We were fortunate enough to get a trial run prior to its national debut in the USA, test out its functions, and see just how this piece works.  I think everyone will be truly impressed.

G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1B

The new GPW1000’s are going to be solar powered, which is impressive in its self.  The power it requires to sync to satellites nearly 13,000 miles away is huge, but not only does this piece have a GPS receiver, but also a radio signal receiver which means it could require more power.  However, Casio has a very low power radio receiver and actually worked with Sony on the development of one of the lowest power consuming GPS receivers on the market.  The GPS tech inside this piece is incredible and utilizes a grid consisting of over 2.6 billion points, or a 500m segment.  This is ultra accurate for finding the correct timezone no matter where you are standing.  The solar power reserve will last around 7 months, but can go a maximum of 18 months if in power save mode.  There is a low power alert, and you can see the energy in the watch, every time you adjust back to timekeeping mode.  When you go into timekeeping mode, the second hand will rotate between 12:00 and 6:00, with 12:00 expressing a full power reserve , and 6:00 meaning empty.

G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1B

The lower right hand button will be to engage your GPS reveive.  The watch will actually connect to a single satellite automatically up to once a day when exposed to bright light for 1-2 minutes.  This will only adjust the accuracy, not the timezone.  You can do this type of connection by holding the lower right button for a couple of seconds, or until the second hand points to “TIME” between 6:00-7:00.  If you hold down the button for more then a few seconds and the second hand points to “T+P” between 8:00-9:00, this means time and position.  You will then connect to multiple satellites, the mode hand around 3:00 will go up and down a couple of times, and generally within 30-40 seconds, the watch will pin point your location and adjust the hands to the timezone you are standing in while the mode hand indicates your current latitude.  Another cool feature is that this piece will automatically recognize daylight savings, so there is never a need to adjust.  Even in Arizona where we do not adjust for daylight savings, this piece will sync for mountain time, but it knows AZ does not use daylight savings, so it turns it off when necessary.   On top of that, the watch will automatically connect to the radio control towers, if in range, starting at midnight.

G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1B

You have a secondary timezone displayed at 7:00-8:00.  This piece uses Smart Access technology to adjust this timezone.  You simply unlock the crown, pull it to the first click out, your second hand will point to the city code your sub dial is set for, and then turn until it is for the timezone you want.  Close the crown and the hands will have adjusted themselves.  There is an option to switch to UTC time for the sub dial without turning the crown, you just hold the lower right button with the crown out one click.  You can also manually set the central hands in the same way (minus the UTC quick adjustment), but you would pull to the second clock instead.  Of course, it is more fun to use the GPS to set the timezone for the central hands.  You have date and day of the week while in standard timekeeping mode.  It also has airplane mode to turn off the GPS receiver.  You simply hold the lower left button for more then four seconds to turn on or off.

G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1B

By just pushing the lower left button once, your watch will then go into chronograph mode.  This can measure from 1/20th of a second up to 24 minutes.  The 1/20th of a second is displayed on the center seconds hand, seconds and minutes on the secondary time sub dial.  Pushing the lower left button again will be for your count down timer mode.  You use the Smart Access crown to adjust the hands on the secondary time sub dial to the amount of time you want to count down.  An alert will sound once the timer has reached zero.  Next, is your  alarm mode.  The alarm is again set by using the crown and the secondary time zone sub dial.  With the crown closed push the lower right button to turn the alarm on or off.  Your seconds hand will point to “ON” or “OFF”.

G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1B

The resin case surrounds a DLC coated stainless steel bezel and measures out at 56mm wide by 18.8mm thick.  The piece is no doubt large, but certainly is impressive and very good looking.  These will have anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal, a unique and easy to use crown, Hybrid Mount Construction, Alpha Gel and 200m water resistance makes for the shock, gravitational force, vibration and water resistance that G-Shock requires.

G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1B


G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1B

The resin strap is inlayed with carbon fiber to add durability  and has a stainless steel clasp and keeper.  The overall construction and attention to detail is very impressive.  There is Casio’s Neo-Brite for the hands and markers, but to give it that extra boost, there is an incredible LED light that gradually increases in brightness, and gradually fades out.  It is literally strong enough to use as a flashlight in complete dark.

G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1A

The GPW1000-1A will be the core production model which retails for $950.  You can order this piece direct from AZFT HERE.

G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐4A

The GPW1000-4A will be the same price, and is going to be a limited production model.  This is also $950 and is available for ORDER HERE.

G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master GPW1000‐1B

The GPW1000-1B will also be a limited production model, also retail for $950 and can be ORDERED HERE.  All three models are currently in stock!  Stay tuned to the AZFT Blog to see as we attend and guest speak at the national press conference for the release of these new timepieces!

See the new Gravity Master GPS Hybrid G-Shock in action in our video below…


See more pictures below…


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