Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport NB1031-53L

Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport NB1031-53L

Continuing there additions of automatic movements to the Citizen Signature Collection, Citizen has introduced their first diver model in the series.  The new NB1031-53L Grand Touring Sport is going to be the first to feature a screw down crown, have a 60 click uni-directional blue diver bezel, and have an impressive blue dial with orange accents.


The blue dial on this piece is very well executed, using a sandwich type style for the minute/second track on the outer edge of the dial.  The first 15 minutes of the are highlighted in orange, and the rest in white making for a nice subtle accent.  The hour and seconds hand are in white with the minute hand in orange making for an easy indication of minutes passed when coordinated with its blue uni-directional bezel.  The bezel has 60 clicks and functions solid and smooth giving clear indications of what minute marker you are aligned with.

Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport NB1031-53L

The blue dial definitely has a slight radial pattern to it and looks metallic in certain lights, however, in most situations the dial looks to be a matte blue.  It is sort of an optical illusion with this model as you really have to pay attention to see its detail.  The applied indexes are very thick with generous amounts of lume applied towards the outer edge of the dial.  Finishing on the indexes is mostly brushed but its faceted edges are done in a high polish.

Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport NB1031-53L

With the new NB1031-53L, you have a 300m water resistance achieved mostly due to its screw down crown.  None of the other Citizen Signature Automatic have had this feature, or this water resistance as of yet.  The crown protector, very similar to the Grand Touring model that came out last year, is still attached to the actual crown through an insert on the side profile.  As the crown is unscrewed and pulled out, you will see the insert protrude from the crown protector as pictured above.

Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport NB1031-53L

The movement utilized in the Grand Touring Sport is the automatic Citizen produced caliber 9012.  This movement (which was also featured in the original Grand Touring) has 28,800 bph, 24 jewels, a 42 hour power reserve, striping and skeletonized rotor exposing more of the internals.  The rotor is uni-directional winding and moves at a very fast, smooth pace.  You can tell the weight of the rotor is significant, as it throws itself around like a 7750, though this is only a three hand with date.  Very impressive, especially for its price point.

Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport NB1031-53L

The retail price on the NB1031-53L is going to be $1,195, but is available for order directly on our site for $896.25 HERE.  There will also be a black dialed version with rose gold accents (pictured below) that will retail for $1,295, but sold for $971.25 HERE.

Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport NB1036-50E

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2 comments on “Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport NB1031-53L

  1. John says:

    A lot of impressive details on this one. Shame its not more normal sized, but I suppose even the big boys need watches. 🙂

    Minor correction though, the other Signature Diver also has 300M WR. Also has a 120 click bezel.

    • azfinetime says:

      Very true John. It’s definitely a big one. Very impressive though.

      Ahhh, you’re right! I meant to say the 1st automatic to have the 300m WR. The GTS does only have the 60 click bezel though.


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