Grand Seiko Quartz Ladies Models – Coming Soon

Grand Seiko Ladies Womens Watches

Grand Seiko Ladies Watches

Nearly 4 years ago, Grand Seiko launched outside of Japan for the first time.  In this time, only men’s models have been available to the USA, but the demand for the high quality, high accuracy women’s watches has been here the entire time.  If a man has purchased one of the finest finished and most accurate watches in the world, why not get something of the same quality for the missus!

Grand Seiko Quartz Ladies STGF075

Grand Seiko Quartz Ladies STGF075

For 2014, 3 different ladies models will be introduced to the US market.  The first and most affordable in this line up will be the STGF075.  This will be the only in the series without diamonds, but still has an elegant and sparkly finish thanks to the katana blade polishing on the case, bracelet, hands and indexes.  The case diameter will be 26mm on all 3 styles, and all will be 9.2mm thick with 5 pieces link bracelet.  The STGF075 will retail for $2,500.

Grand Seiko Quartz Ladies STGF077

Grand Seiko Quartz Ladies STGF077

The second in the ladies collection will be STGF077 with pink mother of pearl dial and 2 diamonds on each index (except at 3:00 where the date window is).  The  case is near oval in design with mostly the mirror finish exposed on the case sides.  Nearing the bezel, you will notic a facet in the case that has a satin finish visible near each lug.  The STGF077 will retail for $3,000.

Grand Seiko Quartz Ladies STGF079

Grand Seiko Quartz Ladies STGF079

The final piece in the line up is the new STGF079 with complete diamond bezel.  The diamonds are a perfect compliment to sparkle with the finish, with a beautiful curvature to the case ensuring an elegant fit.  The 3 models will house the  4J52 high accuracy quartz caliber with +/- 10 second a year accuracy rating and 3 year battery life.  The MSRP on the STGF079 will be $5,600.


These models are currently scheduled for fall delivery this year and are currently available for pre-order through AZ Fine Time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-486-3996 or submit an inquiry at

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