JEANRICHARD – Pre-Basel Releases and News

JEANRICHARD Celebrates Japan The Great Wave off Kanagawa

JEANRICHARD Celebrates Japan with “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” Aquascope

JEANRICHARD has been on a roll lately launching new models, signing with great partners, and collaborating with a variety of celebrities.  The latest news in the JR world is their launch of two new Aquascope models, honoring the 150th anniversary of Swiss-Japanese diplomatic relations.

JEANRICHARD Celebrates Japan The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Both of the models in this line up will have a special dial, showing a subtle embossing of “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” ukiyo-e print, by Japanese artist Katsuhika Hokusai from the early 1830’s.  The first variation will have blue dial with blue PVD inner case and a blue rubber strap.

JEANRICHARD Celebrates Japan The Great Wave off KanagawaThe second variation will have a unique grayish type colored dial, black rubber strap and full stainless case.  It appears as if distribution in the US market will be extremely limited.  More info will follow at Basel Fair at the end of this month.

JEANRICHARD Partners with Arsenal Football Club

Some big news from JEANRICHARD is their recent partnership with London’s Arsenal Football Club.  The new relationship between JR and Arsenal has already taken effect and I’m sure there will be some great results from this venture.  The Arsenal soccer team is currently the 4th highest valued soccer club and has an amazing record in the sport, winning 49 straight games in row making them the only team to go the entire Premier League season without a loss in 2003-2004.

JEANRICHARD Nocturnal Adventurers Collection

JEANRICHARD Nocturnal Adventurers Collection

The introduction of the Nocturnal Adventurers collection is truly exciting for a blacked out stealth look.  The series will be released sometime soon after Basel and will have three different styles to choose from.

JEANRICHARD Nocturnal Adventurers 1681

JEANRICHARD Nocturnal Adventurers 1681

1st will be the 1681 with DLC coated cushion case and a dark gray coating on the numerals.  The hands will have a vintage styled lume and date, giving it nice legibility.  This model will feature their in-house manufactured JR1000 automatic movement.

JEANRICHARD Nocturnal Adventurers Terrascope 18k Gold and Steel

JEANRICHARD Nocturnal Adventurers Terrascope 18k Gold and Steel

Second is their two tone Terrascope.  The case is stainless steel with 18k pink gold inserts on the case sides.  The hands and indexes are pink gold plated contrasting the black matte dial and will come on black alligator strap.

JEANRICHARD Nocturnal Adventurers Terrascope Black

JEANRICHARD Nocturnal Adventurers Terrascope Black

The third piece in the Nocturnal collection is the Terrascope with black DLC coating, black dial and sandblasted rhodium coated hands.  One thing is to be said about the new JR Nocturnal collection is that they did an excellent job of making these all black pieces easily legible.

JEANRICHARD Simon J.C. Le Bon Duran Duran


In other JR news, they have two new “friends” of the brand.  One being Simon Le Bon, most well know as the lead singer from Duran Duran. Here we see him wearing his new black dialed 1681 in 18k pink gold with the in-house manufactured JR1090 movement.

JEANRICHARD Aeroscope Dan Spitz

JEANRICHARD Aeroscope Dan Spitz

Another “friend” of JR is Dan Spitz, former lead guitarist for Anthrax.  In 1995, Spitz left the music industry to pursue watchmaking.  His grandfather was a watchmaker who inspired his decision.  Spitz has an incredible list of credentials including diplomas from WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program), Bulova, Chopard (in which he is complication expert),and a whole lot more.  Basically, he’s a genius and I highly recommend checking out his credentials page. It’s an insane amount of qualification to work on just about any timepiece out there.  The picture shown above was from Twitter, where Dan Spitz mentioned this watch to be BETA #1 with himself and JEANRICHARD.   Spitz is a father of autistic twins and also states in the tweet, “This endeavor will help autism avenues through time and music”.  Truly great intentions behind their upcoming collaboration.

JEANRICHARD 1681 Blue Lacquer Steel 18k gold

Finally, the pre-Basel launch of the new 1681 with blue lacquer dial has started to hit the web.  This is the same blue lacquer found on the Terrascope.  There will be both a stainless steel cushion case, or an 18k rose gold cushion case, with in-house manufactured JR1000 and JR1090 movements.

Lots of great stuff to look forward to from JEANRICHARD!  Be sure to follow AZFT for hands on pictures of all the new JR products during the Basel World Fair 2014!

Thanks for reading!


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