Seiko Galante Blue Rose Limited Edition SBLA079 – Coming Soon

Seiko Galante Blue Rose Limited Edition SBLA079

AZ Fine Time became the 1st authorized dealer in the USA for Seiko’s luxury brand Galante late in 2013.  The 1st and only model we had received at that point was the FC Barcelona Limited Edition SBLL021 which you can see HERE.  The brand as a whole is intended to be bold, unique, fashionable, and still maintain the high quality movements and especially finish the premium line of Seiko is well known for.  Today, we introduce the new, extremely limited, Seiko Galante Blue Rose SBLA079.

Seiko Galante Blue Rose Limited Edition SBLA079

The Blue Rose is a limited version of the brands “rose” series.  With a white and black rose in the JDM line up for Galante, the new limited edition blue will have only 50 pieces produced for the entire world (near all of which will stay in Japan).  Only 2-3 pieces will be coming stateside, and will be exclusively available at AZ Fine Time.

Blue Rose Seiko Galante Spring Drive GMT SBLA079

The story behind the Blue Rose model starts with the fact that blue roses did not come into true existence until 2004.  Roses do not contain blue pigment, so through biotechnology, blue roses brought possibility to something that seemed impossible. Today, blue roses symbolize “a blessing of Heaven” and “dreams come true”.

Hannibal Barca "Aut Inveniam Viam Aut Faciam" Seiko Galalnte Blue Rose

The engraving on the bezel states “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”, the popular quote by Hannibal Barca the Punic Carthaginian military commander, meaning “I shall either find a way or make one”.  There are also ten sapphire stones set into the 1st quarter of the bezel that are infused with the meaning “If you want to be a step ahead of the rest, there is no time”.

Seiko Galante Blue Rose Limited Edition SBLA079

This model will feature the 5R66 Spring Drive movement with GMT and power reserve indicator.  The dial is a blue mother of pearl with blue rose design implemented through the indexes.  The case is stainless steel at 45mm width, with “V” shaped grooves cut out of the sides.  The bracelet is incredibly impressive, with 9 piece link and tremendous amounts of Zaratsu polishing throughout the entire watch.

The US MSRP is set at $8,900. Stand by for our hands on review of this model when it arrives exclusively in the US at AZ Fine Time in late April.  Please feel free to call us at 1-800-486-3996 if you have any questions or wish to pre-order this ultra rare Seiko Galante!

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4 comments on “Seiko Galante Blue Rose Limited Edition SBLA079 – Coming Soon

  1. chad hoffman says:

    This is really beautiful and the craftsmanship is obvious. I am wondering however how much Seiko understands the American luxury market niche. Consumer sophistication rarely carries beyond the depth of a superficial association of name with brand consciousness. Seiko is a good name which carries heft only up to certain buying point. Could be just like Toyota-Lexus a new brand launch is in order.

    • Other than that…great work!

      • azfinetime says:

        Thanks! While the upper end of Seiko has not really reached the majority of the US luxury market, it is definitely starting to gain a big following with experienced watch collectors. I’m sure it will remain under the radar for some time to come, but I would consider their high end presence in the states a success.

      • Yes , I agree, however, profit definately has a time component inherent in it. Question I guess is how patient Seiko desires to be in exploiting a small piece of the very finite experienced watch collector segment. While Seiko branding is extremely strong in the general watch category, it is doubtful how this translates into the luxury buyer segment.

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