Seiko Astron GPS Stratosphere New Design Coming to the US – 4 New Models

Seiko Astron New Design Stratosphere

At the beginning of Sept. 2013, Seiko Japan had announced a new design for the Seiko Astron GPS series.  The launch of the new “Stratosphere” design was something we could not confirm whether or not would be available to the US market, until now.  The Seiko Astron GPS Stratosphere series is officially coming to the US, in 4 different variations.

Seiko Astron GPS New Design SAST031 SAST032

The 1st 2 pieces in the series are models SAST031 (left) which is a stainless steel case with Seiko’s extra strength silicone strap retailing for $2,500, and SAST032 (right) which is also stainless steel, but with rose gold plating, also on the extra strength silicone retailing at $2,600.

Seiko Astron New Design Stratosphere

Both of these models will have a new dial type, featuring a map in the center, lining up each city code in coordination with its location on the map.  This new dial will only be found on the 2 sports models as shown above.

Seiko Astron GPS New Design SAST037 SAST038

The next 2 styles are going to be a little more dressy in comparison.  SAST037 (left) will have a stainless steel case with black radial dial (as seen on previous Astron models) and crocodile leather strap retailing for $2,550.  The SAST038 (right) will be very similar, but with rose gold plated accents, and slightly lighter gray strap and will retail for $2,600.

Seiko Astron GPS New Design Stratosphere SAST037

All 4 of these new styles will have a 48mm wide by 18mm thick case size.  While larger than the original release Astron’s, part of the thickness is due to the deeply domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating inside.  The new domed crystal requires over 10 hours of polishing in order to achieve its dome.  These new styles now have the city codes and difference in UTC inside of the bezel, eliminating the need for ceramics.

Seiko Astron New Design Stratosphere

These new models of Astron GPS are scheduled to deliver in the next month or two.  As always, if you have any questions, or wish to pre-order, please call us at 1-800-486-3996 or submit an inquiry through

They are also available to pre-order directly on our site HERE.

Thanks for reading!

6 comments on “Seiko Astron GPS Stratosphere New Design Coming to the US – 4 New Models

  1. Liver says:

    Why is the map of the globe reversed on the dial?

  2. Liver says:

    I understand what it’s SUPPOSED to be, but, please, closely examine the Seiko dial image, above, At the bottom of the image is the Pacific Ocean, but North America is on the LEFT, when it should be on the RIGHT. I hope Seiko fixes this problem before they ship the timepieces.

    • azfinetime says:

      My apologies for misunderstanding your 1st question. The map does have to be reversed like that in order to properly align with the city code/difference in UTC.

  3. Jordan Watson says:

    Hey azfinetime!

    I have the crocodile strap on my Astron (it’s the exact same stratosphere version) but hated it. I had to avoid water exposure so much. Do you think it’s possible for me to replace it with the silicone band at the Seiko service center? Of course I would have to pay for the new band.

    • azfinetime says:


      The silicone strap from the SAS031 would fit your stratosphere model. They should be able to replace it at Seiko’s service center as long as they have them in stock.

      Thank you.

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