JeanRichard Launch Party Coming – November 14th

JeanRichard Launch Party at AZ Fine Time


On Thursday Nov. 14th, AZ Fine Time will be hosting a launch party for our newest brand, JeanRichard, here in our Scottsdale store.  The newly revamped line has some incredible timepieces, with unique looks, outstanding craftsmanship and proves to be a tremendous value.  The series of 1681, Aeroscope, Aquascope and Terrascope will all be on display and we will be presenting one of the 1st looks at the new limited edition Neroscope!  During the event, we encourage you to come and meet JeanRichard’s US Sales Director, Paul Erhardt.  Paul is incredibly passionate and knowledgable and will be explaining the intricate details of their brand including their history, quality build, mechanics and philosophy of life.  The launch party is sure to be a great event and everyone who attends will get a free gift from JeanRichard and AZFT.  During our launch of the JR’s, we will also be hosting a cigar tasting with Zino Platinum, by Davidoff and will be giving out free cigars to anyone who wishes to partake.  Zino will also be bringing out a cigar lounge party bus, where they set up a mobile outdoor lounge.  The weather will be great here in AZ and we encourage everyone who is in town to come and have a great time!


JeanRichard Launch Party

Thursday, November 14th 2013

from 3-7pm

AZ Fine Time

7830 E Gelding Dr Suite 100

Scottsdale AZ 85260



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