Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52E

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52EAZ Fine Time is proud to announce that we are now the 1st authorized dealers for Citizen Attesa in the US!  For those who are not familiar, Citizen Eco-Drive Attesa is a premium brand that Citizen Watch Co. started in 1987 and has typically only been sold on the Japanese Domestic Market.  The piece in today’s review is the 2012 Good Design Award winner in Japan, the BY0094-52E.

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52EThis model features Citizen’s Direct Flight technology which allows the user to change timezones simply by pulling out the crown one click and turning.  The exposed city code indicated at the 4:00 will turn and once you reach your desired city (of the 26 to choose from), the hands will automatically adjust themselves to that timezone.  You can adjust for daylight saving to be automatic or manual, and on or off by pushing the lower right button with the crown out one click.  This piece is also radio controlled and syncs to the stations located in the US, Japan, Europe and China.  The watch has an automatic receive in the middle of the night or you can manually receive signal by holding the lower right button for 2 seconds.  You can also check to see if you successfully received signal on the last attempt and how strong the RC signal is.  With the updates, this piece will have perfect accuracy all the time.

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52EThis model is Citizen’s solar powered Eco-Drive technology, which can go a maximum of 4 years in the dark from a full charge in sleep mode.  Without going into sleep mode, it will last about 8 months without any light.  There is a power reserve indicator at the 10:00 area which can be read after pushing the lower right button.  Otherwise, the sub-dial is the minute counter for your chronograph.  The chronograph acts as most others, starting and stopping using the upper right button and reseting with the lower right button.  The chronograph can measure anywhere from 1/5th of a second up to 60 minutes.  The actual seconds will be counted at the 6:00 sub-dial and there is a 24 hour counter at the 2:00 sub-dial, which indicates AM or PM for the main clock.

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52EThere is also an alarm on this piece that can be set and activated by pulling the crown out two clicks.  To set, the minute hand is adjusted 1st independently by turning the  crown and you can then adjust the hour hand by pushing the upper right button and turning the crown.  You can also turn the alarm on or off by pushing the lower right button.  Once the time is set for the alarm, you can close the crown and the alarm will sound for 15 seconds after reaching the set time.  You can turn the alarm off by pushing either the upper or lower right button while it is sounding.

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52E

The case and bracelet design on this Attesa are truly impressive.  They utilize Citizen’s Super Titanium alloy, making for a light weight but durable case, and also plate the watch in Duratect coating.  Duratect provides greater scratch resistance as it makes the material about 4 times harder then its original form.  The multifaceted design is very sharp and bold, giving for a great play off of light and shadow.  The finish is what really gives a stunning impression, utilizing horizontal, vertical and even a sunburst satin finish.  This along with some high polished attributes really give the watch tremendous character that can not be justified in pictures.

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52EAdding to its incredible design, Citizen uses a cylindrical titanium roller in the bracelet at each of the lugs.  They call this their Gyro Fit, and it is actually used for comfort as opposed to a cool look (which it has anyways). The Gyro Fit aspect allows for better curvature around the wrist as well as feel, but this is not the only feature that makes for a more comfortable timepiece.  The dual push button deployment clasp has a micro-adjustment that can be easily adjusted without the use of any tools.  By pushing the buttons of the clasp and pulling the bracelet from the 12:00 side, you can easily change the length of the bracelet without even taking it off of your wrist.

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52E

Citizen also uses a cool blue luminescence on this piece making for great visibility at night.  While it has lume for complete darkness, the finish of the hands, indexes and even chapter ring give a great glimmer, adding even more legibility in low light settings.  The overall fit and finish on this piece are truly incredible, and have no lack of attention to detail.

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52EThe BY0094-52E measures out at 44mm wide, about 14mm thick, and weighs about 95g.  The reason for its thickness is mostly due to its deeply domed, dual curve, anti-reflective coated, sapphire crystal.  The crystal has the Citizen logo attached making for the floating appearance above the dial.  This 3D attribute adds much depth with a perfect Citizen shadow resting on the dial.

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52E

Attesa is a new addition to the AZFT roster, that took years of work to bring in.  We are very proud to have them finally in our store for people to see first hand.  The series includes 5 different models, all of which will have Citizen USA’s 5 year manufacture warranty.  Due to strict policies and only small quantities being available, this item will not be found on our website.  If you have any  questions or wish to obtain one for yourself, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-486-3996.

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52EThanks for reading!

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3 comments on “Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Direct Flight BY0094-52E

  1. jeje3325 says:

    Gotta say this one looks like a gem. Thanks for sharing Joe!

  2. Dave says:

    Will this be the only Attesa you carry or will you be carry other models (specifically, the AT9024-58E)?

    • azfinetime says:

      We have 5 different styles of the Attesa, but unfortunately, this was not available for order when we submitted it. If we do get this model, it would most likely not come until end of next year.

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