G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3 – Review

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

With a ton of truly impressive G-Shock’s hitting the market this year, one of the most interesting, durable and technologically advanced is the new Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A2.  I’ve had my eyes on this piece since we 1st saw it at the Basel Fair earlier this year.  After much anticipation the new G-Shock Aviation GWA1100’s are finally in stock, and look way more impressive than I remember.  I’m proud to say, I just picked this piece up for my personal collection, and want to explain why this was my “must have” G.

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

G-Shock’s are known for their durability and being virtually bullet proof.  This new Aviation model goes above and beyond the limits of not only other watches, but also pretty much any other G-Shock on the market today.  This model is Triple G Resist which means it is resistant to shock , centrifugal force, and vibration.  Utilizing the new Alpha Gel (aGel), a material mostly composed of silicone which surrounds the movement, the watches durability is increased substantially.  This bad boy can withstand over 15G of gravitational force and 20G of vibration.  It is also water resistant to 200m and has an anti-glare coated, scratch resistant sapphire crystal  which  only contribute to its strength.

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

This piece is built tough as nails, but also has an immense amount of functionality.  The GWA1100 is the 1st of the Gravity Defier series to incorporate a compass.  The compass is simply activated by pushing the upper right button and watching the carbon fiber second hand point North.  The use of Japanese made, low specific gravity, carbon fiber is essential in regards to weight of the second hand, and allows for it to be large and a more accurate and rapid display of direction.  Casio also has a new direction sensor that gives the opportunity to down size by 95% and is 90% less in power consumption.

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

Casio’s Multi Mission Drive utilizes a 5 separate motor system that allows for easy use of different modes.  In time keeping mode, you can easily adjust timezones thanks to Casio’s “Smart Access Technology”.  The watch has a quick-lock crown, which makes for faster access to setting the time.  This is not a conventional adjustment of time.  With smart access, you simply pull the electronic crown out one click, the second hand displays the current timezone by pointing at the city code on the chapter ring, and you change timezones by turning the crown until you reach your desired timezone.  The hands do all the work on their own from there.  This system is definitely very easy to use and makes for a very convenient travel watch.  There is also a 24 hour counter at the 12:00 , day of the week indicator at 6:00, and date at 3:00.

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

Pushing the lower left button (mode button) once from time keeping mode will put you in the world time mode which allows for an easy adjusted secondary timezone.  This can be set in the same manner you would set the home time, by using the electronic crown to select the desired secondary timezone.

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

The next mode is your chronograph.  This chrono can measure up to 1/20th of a second which is displayed by the second hand when running.  The seconds are indicated by the minute hand, the minutes by the hour hand, and the sub dial at 12:00 displays up to 2 hours (one full revolution is equal to 120 minutes).  There is also a flyback feature, allowing you to reset without stopping the measurement.

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

Your next mode is a count down timer which can be set for anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes.  Once the timer has reached zero, there is an alarm that will sound for 10 seconds after.


The final mode is your alarm.  You simply set the desired time for your alarm to go off by using the crown.  The hands can be adjusted 1 minute at a time, but also has a rapid advance feature which is activated by turning the crown fast.  The hands advance on their own and can be stopped by turning the crown again.  The alarm can be turned on or off by using the upper right button.

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

To add to its reliability, the GWA1100’s are solar powered and can go 6 months in the dark before needing to be recharged.  They are also radio controlled.  Multi-Band 6 indicates that this model can receive radio signal from all 6 towers across the world.  I’ve become a bit of an accuracy nut, and radio controlled is almost a must have for me when it comes to quartz.  The fact the watch has perfect accuracy at all times is greatly appreciated.  Signal can be received automatically at night, or on demand should the automatic sync not go through.

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

While most G-Shock’s tend to have LED lights for visibility at night, this model uses heavy amounts of Casio’s Neobrite luminescence.  The glow is fantastic and maintains great legibility all throughout the night.  I was truly impressed.  They even have lume on the arrow tip of the second hand, which I might add has perfect alignment with the indexes, thank to their auto-hand home position correction.

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

When you add up the durability, technology, and quality materials used, you get this unbelievable 53.8mm, 93g beast of a timepiece.  I must say that in the last 24 hours this watch has been on my wrist, I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  Top of the line in every aspect and just incredibly cool to look at.  The MSRP on the GWA100-1A3 is $650 and can be purchased directly through AZ Fine Time HERE.   Also, feel free to call us at 1-800-486-3996 if you have any questions.

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3

Hope you enjoyed the review and thanks for reading!

G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3
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10 comments on “G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1100-1A3 – Review

  1. richdirector says:

    Reblogged this on Kitesurf Bike rambling and commented:
    Mmmm lovely

  2. Sean says:

    I have this very watch…it’s unbelievably good. Feels and looks like it could easily cost $1000. Precise, well built, robust and a lot of fun.

  3. Brad says:

    I’m concerned that the crown will not stay locked down????

    • azfinetime says:

      I haven’t had any issues with that on mine, or any customer complaints so far. To me, it seems pretty secure as it is well protected and doesn’t make contact with anything.

  4. Fahad says:

    I have a very important question. In the stopwatch mode and the countdown mode, the hour hand and the minute hand move back to the 12 hour position and they start doing their job. If in between, we wanted to know what the actual time is, how would be able to do so? Should we press mode to go back to time keeping mode, and if we do so, would our stopwatch or countdown reset or would they return to their original position to where we left them?

  5. Nichita says:

    I have a question: is this model (Casio G-shock GW-A1100-1A3) ”antimagnetic”? I put this questions because I work in a place where exist metal detectors.This ”machines” generate magnetic field.Exist the possibility to decalibrate de watch?
    Thank you!

    • azfinetime says:

      Sorry for the delay in response, I just found the comment. This watch would be effected by strong magnetism. There is a magnetic sensor for the compass that could effected as well as the home position of the hands.

      Thank you

  6. Nichita says:

    Hi everyone! I make an experiment :I put the watch in the metal detector (not X-ray detector) for many times (every day for the month).He works fine with no problem!I think that, the north sensor activate electronic parts, when we push the up button.In conclusion: The watch is a really G-Shock force! 🙂 Regards!
    P.S. : The watch look great and work very well.I have maby watches but this one is the best!

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