Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST025 – Review

Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST025

Seiko has been very early on delivery this year with new items already landing that debuted at Basel Fair.  With the onslaught of new additions, today we just received our first shipment of the Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST025 and man is it gorgeous!

Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST025

The SAST025 has a 47mm stainless steel case with black hard coating.  The city codes are engraved on its multi-purpose ceramic bezel (as with all the new models) and this beauty has illuminating orange accents.  The orange makes for a distinct timepiece, that really grabs attention.  From all the feedback we’ve heard so far today, this model is sure to be favored by many Astron lovers.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST025

The technology on this model, of course, is exactly the same as its predecessors, utilizing GPS technology to actually pinpoint your current location and update the hands all at the push of a button.  Seiko developed a vast majority of the tech in this piece in-house, in order to use its power efficiently.  Since GPS is a big drain on power in most cases, these developments in technology were essential to make this piece possible.  Some of the portions made are a new GPS receiver chip with 1/5th the power consumption of a standard GPS receiver, an antenna ring under the ceramic bezel allowing easy reception, and a new IC, allowing the watch to use a backup battery to help keep the main battery from losing its power reserve over time.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST025

Another interesting part of Astron GPS is its ability to update for leap seconds adjustment.  Basically, the atomic clock is adjusted twice a year to line up perfectly with UTC.  The adjustment in the watch occurs twice a year, once after June 1st and once after December 1st, and will only occur when you attempt to connect to the satellites by holding down the lower right button for six seconds.  Your second hand will not point to the exact hour marker, which helps identify it is in leap second adjustment.  This can take around 10-18 minutes to complete, but sometimes is faster.  This helps allow the watch to maintain its 1 second every 100,000 years deviation rate.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST025

The silicone strap is incredibly soft and comfortable and adds a nice sportiness to the watch.  This new silicone developed by Seiko is incredibly durable, and is near tear resistant.  Along with the strap, the watch comes with a black coated 3 fold deployment clasp making for easy adjustment and added security.  On top of that, the watch uses Lumibrite, Seiko’s in-house made luminescence, in orange and green to give a beautiful glow.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST025

The new Seiko Astron SAST025 is now available for order HERE or by calling us at 1-800-486-3996.  The MSRP is only $1,850, which is really an amazing value for all the technology that comes along with it.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST025

See our video review below..

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