Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST015 – New Arrival


Announced officially at this years Basel World Fair, the Seiko Astron GPS added 3 new styles for the US marekt.  The SAST015 is the 1st to deliver of the new models, and looks incredible live in the metal.  There are a few newly added attributes that contribute to a unique look to this model as compared to the rest of the line.


The biggest improvement on the new SAST015 is the new ceramic bezel, which now has the city codes engraved on it making it even more legible.  As we have mentioned in our previous posts on Astron, the ceramic bezel is not only used for its scratch resistance, but also enhances the reception of Seiko’s in-house developed antenna ring, which sits underneath the bezel.  If the watch used a titanium bezel, the metal would cause interference with reception, which makes the ceramic the perfect fit for the Astron.


Another distinct trait of this model is the new ceramic/titanium bracelet.  The center links are ceramic, with thin polished links surrounding the ceramic and brushed links outside of that.  The new use of ceramic in the Astron series looks gorgeous in person, and definitely adds an entirely new look to the design.   The flow of ceramic from the bezel to the bracelet is smooth and unique, which really grabs peoples attention.


The SAST015 has a red second and mode hand, adding the “pop” to the watch to make it even more appealing.  The subtle accents on the dial add a surprising amount of sportiness to the model,  and still mesh well with the rest of the piece. As with all the Astron models, the dial is a black solar panel, and deeply recessed, giving a full 3 dimensional depth to the dial.  The case sides on this model are also engraved, similar to the LE SAST001 from last year.


The feedback on the functionality of the Astron has been amazing to say the least.  With NO complaints, problems, or malfunctions reported by any of our customers, the new technology of the Astron has been essentially flawless.  The new technology Seiko developed in-house is incredibly impressive and proved to be a great travel companion.  I have now traveled with my own Astron GPS across the globe and have been able to receive successful reception with no issues whatsoever.


With over 100 patents in the movement alone, Seiko’s Astron GPS technology is truly unique.  The range of newly developed materials start with a new GPS receiver with 1/5th the power consumption of a standard chip.  There is also a smart sensor that recognizes bright sunlight and automatically connects to 1 GPS satellite to update the accuracy.  A new integrated circuit was also developed to use a back up battery to ensure no malfunction in charging.  And of course, the antenna ring that sits under the bezel allowing clear satellite reception.  These are only some of the attributes that make the 7X52 movement so impressive.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST015

At $2,650 MSRP, the new SAST015 is a tremendous value. Also, the Astron’s are now available for order directly through our website.  You can now easily order the SAST015 by clicking HERE.  Of course, you can always contact us with any questions or to place the order by calling 1-800-486-3996.

Thanks for reading!

See our video review below…


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