Citizen Navihawk A-T JY8035-04E Review

Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T JY8035-04E

For our week long preview of new Citizen products soon to be released, we introduce the Navihawk A-T.  This new Ana-Digi is similar to their Skyhawk, with some new design elements and some slightly upgraded technology. (Please note: The sample in this review has the incorrect digital display as compared to the final product.  The production model will have a negative digital display as opposed to the positive pictured.)

Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T JY8035-04EThe new Navihawk is definitely a great looking piece on the wrist.  Its 48mm stainless steel case has a black ion plating to give it a stealthy appearance.  The Navihawk logo is prominent on the case side with a plate bearing the name.  The somewhat fluted bezel is thin and flows perfectly with the rest of the piece.  There is an anti-reflective coated mineral crystal protecting the dial and this model in particular comes on a polyurethane strap with the Navihawk name stamped dominantly on each side.

Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T JY8035-04ETo start on functionality, this piece will be radio controlled (hence the A-T in the name) and has 8 different operating modes the watch can be set to.  The modes can be adjusted by pulling out the crown one click, and turning until the mode hand at 6 o’clock is in the desired mode.  Your radio controlled updates will happen automatically at night as long as the watch is near a window.  Otherwise, you can manually receive by putting the watch in RX-S mode and close the crown.

Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T JY8035-04EAs with the RX-S mode, you will pull the crown out one click to adjust to your different modes.  You can adjust your times in Time mode, and view your calendar in CAL mode.  There’s  a 99 minute count down timer (TMR) and  1/100th of a second chronograph (CHR).  The WT-S mode is for manually adjusting your world time digital display on the right.  The last 2 modes are the 2 separate alarms you have.

Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T JY8035-04EIt’s pretty easy to set your two main timezones.  The digital display on the left will indicate which city the analog hands are set for.  Your right hand digital display shows your world time, and is easily adjusted by pulling the crown out one click in time mode, and using the upper or lower right button to select from 43 different cities.  If you want to change the analog hands, you would simply push both the upper and lower right button simultaneously to make the time in your world time mode switch to the analog display.  A nice touch for this piece is the LED light for the digital display (which is turned on by pushing the upper right button with the crown closed).  There is also luminescence on the hands and indexes to make for great legibility in the dark.

Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T JY8035-04EAside from all the functionality of the different modes, there are more displays on this piece that come incredibly handy.  The far left is your power reserve display (which at a full charge is 6 months running or 3.5 years in sleep mode), UTC display (which makes for a 3rd timezone displayed), and a 24 hour indicator (which syncs to the centralized hands and indicates AM or PM).  On top of that, there is also a slide rule bezel which is adjusted by using the crown on the lower left side.

Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T JY8035-04EOverall, the Navihawk is an incredibly cool and extremely functional aviation piece.  The MSRP on this piece is $650, but will be sold for $487.50 directly on our site.  The piece is now available and can be ordered HERE.  If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-486-3996.

Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T JY8035-04E

Thanks for reading!

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2 comments on “Citizen Navihawk A-T JY8035-04E Review

  1. Alex says:

    Any word on the next gen Skyhawk..??

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