Citizen World Time A-T AT9010-52E Review

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time A-T AT9010-52EAnother soon coming release from Citizen is their new World Time A-T.  The model we are reviewing today is the AT9010-52E, which is one of six models coming out in the next few months.  There will be two variations with rose gold, and 3 limited editions.  The new technology applied to these pieces is really impressive, and we’re looking forward to getting them in store.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time A-T AT9010-52EThe new radio controlled AT9010-52E utilizes the same tech as some of their other newer models, where the time is set by pulling out the crown one click, and turning the crown until the second hand reaches the desired city.  From there, the hands adjust automatically.  With the new World Time A-T, you have a secondary timezone displayed at the 6 o’clock sub dial.  This can be set by pulling out the crown and pushing the upper right button once, and then using the crown to select your city again.  Both cities on current display can be switched by pushing both buttons simultaneously, which is really convenient and a new added feature.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time A-T AT9010-52EYou can also check, adjust and toggle the daylight savings features.  To check, you just push the top right button with the crown closed.  If you pull the crown out one click, you can turn daylight savings on or off by pushing the upper right button.  If you push and hold the lower right button, this will turn the automatic daylight savings adjustment on or off.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time A-T AT9010-52EThere are displays for 24 hour time (indicates AM/PM), date, day of the week, and power reserve.  The day of the week is the default display for the 12 o’clock sub dial, but you can easily check the power reserve by pushing the lower right button while the crown is closed.  Obviously the 26 cities to choose from are displayed on the chapter ring and the radio control indicators are located on the inside of the chapter ring near the 7-8 o’clock area.  On the 4-5 o’clock side, there is an on/off indicator for the alarm.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time A-T AT9010-52EThe alarm is controlled by pulling the crown out to the second click and the second hand will indicate whether it is on or off (on to the right, off to the left). Your 6 o’clock sub dial will indicate the alarm time, and to set it, you simply turn the crown.  You can turn the alarm on or off while the crown is out by pushing the lower right button.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time A-T AT9010-52EThe radio control update will occur automatically in the night around 2 am if the watch is near a window.  You can check to see if the reception was successful by pressing the lower right button.  If you wish to receive the radio signal manually, you just push the lower button for 2 seconds or more.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time A-T AT9010-52EThe stainless steel case is 43mm in diameter, and is very nicely finished with both brushed and polished attributes.  The watch has a fairly thin bezel, and the dial space makes for an easy read, even though it is a complicated piece.  The bracelet is well built and fairly hefty.  The overall look is quite impressive and the orange accents certainly make it pop.  There is a small but adequate presence of blue lume on hour, minute, sub dial, and 6 of the indexes.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time A-T AT9010-52EThe AT9010-52E also uses sapphire crystal (which is a nice plus) that has anti-reflective coating.  The MSRP for this model will be $575, and other styles will vary from $550 up to $795.  AZFT is currently taking pre-order on these models for those who want to have some of the first delivered in the US.  Delivery time should be by this fall.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time A-T AT9010-52EThese pieces are sure to be great sellers on the tech alone.  Citizen did a fantastic job on the new H820 movement (which I neglected to mention has a 6-8 month power reserve on a full charge).  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-486-3996.

See our video review below…

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13 comments on “Citizen World Time A-T AT9010-52E Review

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  2. T Andersen says:

    Have used this watch for a week. Nice dual time functionality and good value. Second time zone is a little hard to read and you have to look at hands closely. Watch is not a WORLD TIMER as title implies – 1st person who saw watch said nice new chrono (given over prominent buttons ) – second person said nice – world timer. It is neither, and should be called DUAL TIME PERPETUAL CALENDAR which would be correct and respected in watch world given extreme cost of mechanical perp. calendars. Radio sync works flawlessly (from State of WA) Sizing of bracelet requires tool – bracelet quality good, if not Rolex standard. Ability to flip home time and second time very convenient and means if you use it for travel between the same two cities it will not require adjustment until Feb. 28, 2100 (not a leap year). Overall very good value for great GMT functionality.

  3. Jean says:

    Hi, very interested in this model: it has the exact features I am looking for travelling: alarm, dual time, easy time cahnge over (close to Casio Proteck). But this is not known in France at all, and Citizen doesn’t have a good brand image – what is you opinion on the robustness of the watch? how is the brand percieved in US? thanks ,

    • azfinetime says:

      Citizen does have different model types per region, so this model may not be available in France. I do know that Citizen’s reputation is excellent here in the US as well as throughout the UK. The robustness of the watch is very good, especially considering the price.

      Thank you – Joe

    • T says:

      I use this watch daily while travelling and ity is very robust and synchs time perfectly from all locations visited. Crowns are not screw down so would not use for diving/swimming but it is water proof nonetheless. Highly recomended

  4. Great review. Really has me looking at this watch (especially to put it on my Christmas list). But I was wondering about the lume (always getting up in the middle of the night). Haven’t seen any good (in fact, any) lume shots of this watch. I just hope the semi-lume in the sixth photo down isn’t a true representation of what is illuminated on the face of this watch.

    • azfinetime says:

      Thank you for your comment. The lume on this piece is not a very heavy application, but should remain fairly steady throughout the night. The central hands and sub dial hands are pretty well lit, but there are only 6 dots of lume for the indexes, which is not a lot.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. And as soon as I read “only 6 dots of lume for the indexes”, I now remember reading that in another review (listed under the “Cons” for this watch”)

  5. Keith Terry says:

    Thank you for the information on this watch, it is more comprehensive than any other website (including official Citizen UK) I have yet looked at. I think you have answered all my questions, thanks.

  6. Andrew says:

    Does anyone else have difficulty locking the crown? I had assumed it to be a screw-down lock, but I am unable to get it to engage.

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