Seiko Decor Clocks – Mechanical 8 Day -AZ222G and AZ222S

Mechanical clocks are coveted by very experienced collectors.  Most people probably wonder what use a mechanical clock could be in an age of cellphones, digit displays, and atomic time keeping electronics in almost every room of their house.  In reality, these clocks are more to be appreciated for their mechanical attributes, craftsmanship, as well as gorgeous designs.  Seiko has some of the most incredible clocks on the market, and today we will be looking at their Decor collection, models AZ222G and AZ222S.

Seiko Decor Clocks

To start, both of the clocks bodies are made of brass with gold plating, and the AZ222S also has some partial Palladium coating.  This is not the only coating added to these clocks.  Seiko’s own proprietary clear coating is also applied to help the scratch resistance.

Seiko Decor Clocks AZ222G

Seiko Decor Clocks AZ222S

The dials on both of these pieces are Cloisonne, and incredibly detailed.  Almost reminiscent of the Grand Seiko Snowflake in texture, the deep paterns also seem to sparkle like mother of pearl.  The AZ222G almost looks like it is coated in pearl dust, and is white/silver in color.  The AZ222S is a nice spectrum ranging from sky blue at the bottom up to a deep dark purple at the top.  Both are incredibly gorgeous and very detailed, and also have accents of Swarovski Crystals.  There are ornament plates on the dial which are Arabesque patterns that contribute even more uniqueness to its design.

Seiko Decor Clocks

Seiko Decor Clocks

Seiko Decor Clocks

The movement is spectacular to look at.  Just as many of us admire an open case back on our watches, these movements are fully exposed through beveled glass on all sides, as well as the top which exposes the movement.  The clock is manually wound by opening a door on the back and turning a key.  At a full wind, this clock can go 8 full days before the power reserve is drained.  Should your clock be losing or gaining time, there is a regulator for easy adjustments on the clock back.  Approximately 1 min a day can be adjusted by sliding the regulator 1mm.

Seiko Decor Clocks

Seiko Decor Clocks

These highly collectible heirloom pieces are $7,500 MSRP.  Please contact us at 1-800-486-3996 to find out our once in a lifetime price.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


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