Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA011 – a new meaning to the name

I just recently pulled the trigger on a GS Snowflake. I have always loved the watch. I loved the story and the dial is amazing, but never had the opportunity to see how spectacular it is to wears. I’m happy to say, this is my favorite watch, hands down.

Snowflake-5 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

I’ve had it for 5 weeks now, and it hasn’t lost or gained a second.

Snowflake-6 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

I was worried I was too used to my SRQ013 which is 44mm and a lot heavier, but the size and weight are extremely comfortable. I’m very happy with the feel.

Snowflake-7 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

I’m still astonished with the Zaratsu (Blade) polishing on their in house Hi-Intensity Titanium. It really is beautiful and after the tests I’ve put it through, I’ve discovered it is VERY strong.

Snowflake-8 by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

I love the GS lion hologram in the back, even though it’s tough to see.

But the weirdest thing happened this morning. I get in the car to head to work and I notice a reflection on the visor above my head. I know the High Definition Crystal is supposed to prevent reflection and so I look closer….

Sure enough, the reflection coming from the dial and hands look like a snowflake! Coincidence???

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Snowflake by JoeAZFT, on Flickr

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